Paper flower tutorial.

Boiled down process:

1. Purchase your paper. I used these exact pads of watercolor paper (I bought the 18×24″ size) and they worked well. I spent about 85 on paper, but didn’t have enough time to use all of it.

2. Paint your paper, let it dry, press it flat if necessary. I bought a bunch of watercolors, diluted them as I painted. I was originally hoping for a gradient effect, but that would have required a lot more forethought! I ended up with a nice variation in colors, though.

3. Cut your paper. I cut into 3″, 2″ and 1″ strips, using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter. Then I continued on, cutting into squares. The 3″ and 2″ squares were most easily done with the rotary cutter, but I preferred free handing the 1″ squares as they’re a bit fiddly.

4. Working a few squares at a time, fold them in half and then trim the edges to round them.

5. When the edges are all trimmed, roll each petal between your fingers to make it into a cylinder. Set aside.

6. Start assembling. Place a dot of glue on one of the base corners of the first petal, then roll it back up and hold it to set.

7. Add a second petal by spreading it out, dotting both base corners with glue and then wrapping it around the first petal.

8. Continue to add more petals. You’ll want the petals to flare out more and more as you work your way along. Eventually, you’ll end up with a nice full flower.

And, creating the arrangements …