Yaya’s Barbequed Pork
(copied exactly, except the translations)

1- big head garlic, crushed
2- tsp. salt
1- tsp. black pepper
4- Tbsp. soy sauce
4- sugar (I assume this is in tablespoons.)
1- can 7-up or Sprite
10- pcs. calamansi
1- kg. pork, sliced thin into 1-1/2″ pcs. (We get shoulder butt.)

Mix all ingredients together including the pork. Marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

shobe, ang sauce bali itong binabaran, dagdagan mo nalang ng catsup, lea perrin, 2- oil, sugar. ang chicken barbecue naman ganon din ang timpla sa barbecue pork, kaya lang wala itong catsup; kaya lang ang manok kailangan dalawang araw at dalawang gabi ang pagbabad mo, ok.

(“Shobe” is my “nickname”; it’s Fukien/Hokkien for “Little Sister”, but it’s become my nickname, be it in Filipino or Fukien.)

Shobe, the sauce is the marinade itself, just add catsup, Lea & Perrins, 2- oil, sugar. For chicken barbeque, the marinade is the same as barbeque pork, but without the catsup, and you have to marinate the chicken for 2 days and 2 nights, ok?