How to make your own Flavored Lip Gloss!

During a girls weekend last week, my daughter Becca got it in her head that we should make homemade lipgloss. She wanted something fancy to share with the cousins for the holidays. So we tromped it to two craft stores and one grocery store and pulled together everything we needed to make a half dozen batches of holiday flavored lip gloss. Ca-ute, right?
We grabbed a bunch of bead organizers for our lip gloss containers. A pack of 25 containers for the holiday weekend, so we actually only put out for 25 containers. Dang good deal there.
Oil based candy flavoring and a few drops of our favorite essential oils (lemon, peppermint, ginger) offered up some super rad flavors. We stirred together candy cane, mistletoe (strawberry plus peppermint), lemon drop, gingerbread (ginger plus cinnamon), watermelon (whatever, that is so a holiday flavor), and butter rum.
My favorite is butter rum. It’s like having a butterscotch candy stuck on your lips for an hour straight. Bring it.
The labels were created from 1 1/2″ round Avery stickers. We had to use our bare hands to slice the labels to a smaller size. And, we are the last family in the known universe to have a black-only printer. So the labels turned out kinda bland, but my little ladies were pretty delighted, regardless. They sniffed every gloss before twisting lids firmly in place, then toted them to Utah to dispense amongst their girl cousins. And I think Papa got a kiss gloss, too. But we won’t tell a soul about how fruity delicious his lips smelled when we smooched him goodbye on our way back to Colorado.
Homemade Kiss Gloss
This homemade lipgloss is my favorite recipe because it uses inexpensive “ingredients” that are easy to find. Each little batch turns out a slightly sweet, candy-flavored lipgloss (you can sniff it, but it’s not for eating!) that feels splendid on the lips and makes every kiss taste delish!
1 teaspoon paraffin wax
4 teaspoons coconut oil
4 teaspoons petroleum jelly
4 white or pink (or whatever color you like) candy melts
1/2 teaspoon oil-based candy flavoring
Grate the wax into a ziploc freezer bag. Add the coconut oil, petroleum jelly, candy melts and the flavoring. Place the bag in a bowl of very hot water and allow the ingredients to melt together. Massage the bag a bit to mix the ingredients together. Snip a corner from the bag and squeeze the ingredients into small containers (we used sterilized bead holders purchased from JoAnn). Pop your lip gloss containers into the fridge to cool completely. Gift and enjoy!