How to make a pineapple palm tree centerpiece

Take your knife and cut the top and the bottom off each pineapple, leaving a flat surface on each end. Discard the ends.

Cut the cores of the pineapples out of the skin, leaving 1 inch of pineapple pulp intact. Be careful not to mash the pineapple, especially if you will be using the meat for decorative purposes. Set the pineapple meat aside.

Drive the first skewer half way into the top of a pineapple, proceed with two more skewers placing them 1 inch apart for a total of three. Take the next pineapple and place it on top of the skewer and drive it down until the pineapples are directly on top of each other. Repeat with the last pineapple.

Place the hollowed out pineapples on the center of the serving tray.

Cube the pineapple meat into small pieces and set them aside.

Insert the plant into the top of the highest pineapple and make sure the foliage is evenly distributed around the top of the pineapple.

Support the pineapple palm tree on the serving tray by adding food to the serving tray. Keep more solid foods up against the pineapple tree and the lighter foods around the edges. Add the leftover cubed pineapple to the serving tray.

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