DIY The Teepee Tutorial

(6) 7-foot 1″x2″ cedar posts
9′ x 12′ canvas drop cloth
(12) 1/4″ grommets (you’ll need a grommet-setting kit if you don’t have one already)
Small diameter rope of your choice
(6) Shower curtain rings (optional)
Needle with larger eye and strong thread (optional)
Step 1: Drill the Holes

Drill a hole (large enough to thread the rope through) in each post, about 11 inches from the top.

Step 2: Thread the Rope

Thread the rope through all of the holes.
Holding the rope, spread the posts so they sit evenly on the ground.
Tighten and tie the loose ends of rope to secure the posts.
Adjust positions of posts so they are evenly spaced, except for the entrance which will be a little wider.
Step 3: Cut the Canvas
Fold canvas drop cloth in half lengthwise.
Fold corner diagonally to make a triangle.
Cut off the remaining extra section of fabric.
Mark a half circle on one end of the triangle and cut off extra fabric.
Mark a small half circle at opposite corner and cut off extra fabric.
Unfold… and voila! The sides of your teepee!

On the canvas, measure 1″ from the edge of the small half circle and 2″ from the side edge. Mark every 2″ down from there until you have 6 marks.
Repeat on other side.
Set the grommets on each mark.
Step 5: Drape the Canvas

Drape the canvas over the posts, centering grommeted side edges between the widely-spaced “entrance” posts.
Lace a length of rope through the grommets, just like shoelaces.
Step 6: Secure the Canvas (optional

If performing this step, complete this before lacing the rope in Step 5.
Mark 8″ from the bottom of the canvas at each post.
Use strong thread to sew plastic rings onto the inside of the canvas at each mark. (Note: Make sure the rings are sewn on horizontally, so the posts can fit through without having to twist the canvas around).
Thread each post through each corresponding ring.
Now go ahead and lace the rope.