DIY Jean Lace Shorts

We have been searching for the perfect pair of summer cutoffs, and finally we just decided to make them ourselves! We grabbed an old pair of shorts, supplies from M&J Trimming and added a feminine touch with a few pieces of lace. It only takes 3 simple steps – so try it yourself by following our steps below.


a pair of denim cutoffs
2 feet of lace or crochet trim
a needle
white thread
1. Cut a triangle out of your shorts that is roughly the shape of the lace. Make sure you cut the triangle exactly on the side seam.
2. Cut out a piece of lace in your desired size. You don’t have to use all of the trim – feel free to cut off the edges to get the right shape! Then pin the lace in place on top of the shorts.
3. Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread, and start sewing the lace to your shorts, pulling the needle in and out. Make sure you sew both the inner and outer edges. Once you have sewn it all down, tie a few knots where you finish, cut off the rest of the thread, and you’re all set. Now show off your shorts!